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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Kim Jeong Hoon

He captured my heart the first time I saw him...well in the second time actually. First time I heard about this drama I thought all the hero are not so handsome, however they shine through in the story. WhatI can say about Jeong Hoon, he is a warmed hearted person and a good piano player. He once said that he would like a a girl who brave enough to confess her feeling towards him to be his couple. This is because he had been turned down twice during his high school year, when he fell in love with someone the other party does not have the same feeling towards him. This turn him down a now he wants the girl who likes him to confess their feelling first. To Kim Jeong Hoon hear this..."Saranghe...!I love you!"(blush).

Prince Yul ( Second in line for the throne)
Prince Yul appeare as an intellegence and down-to-earth prince. He have been raised by his mother, abroad so he have a free spirit and more matured. He love his mother so much and understand the difficult time in raising him alone afterhis father death. He love to read novel such as Harry Potter and Lord of the Ring. Yul fell in love with Chae Kyung the moment he saw her on her first day as a new student in the same school with her. He grows to love her and consider the crown for the first time when he learn that he was the one who should married Chae-Kyung.

The Character Reviews

Joo Ji Hoon

Well, I can't say much about him cause I really dislike his charater as Prince Shin and once I saw him bad I always see him bad even he carries such a dear character in other drama. Sorry to say he is not my type the moment I saw the charater he carried in this drama.
However to please his fan here are what I think about his character in Princess Hour.
Prince Shin (Crown Prince)
At first look he appears as a dislikable character that everyone hate, with his ego, bad-tampered, reserved and some time he so cold hearted. No wonder Chae-Kyung more attracted to Price Yul who is his exact opposite . However we can see that he have a good heart as he relationship is really close to Prince Yul and continue to be his good friend eventhough The Empress (his mother) told bad things about Yul. When the story continue He shows his true colour as a lonely prince just to find some space for himself. This should capture my heart but as I say once I see his first appearence as a bad character always he will always stay bad...