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Sunday, July 7, 2013

A Song For TeukSo Couple

Hi Guys,

Cause I've stuck on this song for a while so I like to relate this to TeukSo couple. Maybe this could be Lee Teuk thought to Sora-shii...hehe.

For You From Me - Jon McLaughlin

Unexpected, understatement of the year
That's for sure
( 2011 sure make a suprising reveal for LeeTeuk, his first sight of Kang Sora)
Who'd have thought that I'd be standing
At your door
(He never thought he'll ever met her like this, in WMG)
It's just the way you say my name that throws me
(He is really happy when they're together and when she call him)
All the windows of my past are closing
(well, he should forget all about his past and cocentrate on his future with her)
and everything that you see is

For you from me
(Everything he do is sincerly for her)
I give it away so easily
(He felt comfortable doing all those thing just for her)
Never stop to look at what's behind
(She should be expecting more from him)
For you from me
Everything we want will be holding us
(if they felt the same thing, they will be together eventually)
Together tonight, tonight
(suddenly I remember the scene in the shop when they went to buy some furniture..ehehe)

Unexpected, I'm not used to chasing dreams and catching them
(He never had anything he charish before, and now it has change)
All of the sudden I'm the winner in the end
( Now he has her and he felt satisfied)
I'm used to every door I open closing
( He used to, for himself be famous and sucessful man..)
Always making sure I'm not supposing
( He always concentrate in his life, being a strong man inside  and not expecting anything)
I can't believe I'm really here
( Now he can't belive he is now in love)
We will never fall
(They will be strong together, waiting for each other moment)
We'll defy the laws of this world
(defy the laws of their world and get married)
With new ones of our own
( a twin baby...?)
That's the way I feel
(He really like that...a baby of their own)
Stupid but for real all that I am
(Everything he said, he is being serious about it)


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