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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Top 5, Second Hero Role in Korean or Japan Drama

Arghh this feeling of frustration!

I really don't know why but almost all korean movie I will end up not supporting the main Hero of that certain drama. I will end up cheering for the second hero eventhough I know he will never win the heroine heart. So sad. So this is the top 5 Second Hero Role from various Drama. Enjoy...and don't blame me...hehe

1. Prince Lee Yul-Gong (Princess Hour)

2. Prince Chang Hwi (Hong Gil Dong)

3. Nakatsu Shuichi (HanaKimi)

4. Seo Joong-Woo (My Girl)

5. Jeremy and Shin Woo (You're Beautiful)

Jeremy - Lee Hong Gi

Shin Woo- Jung  Yong Hwa

Well there are a lot of them and almost all af them share some characteristic, cool, quiet, briliant and smart...well that goes for the prince. However the rest of them, Nakatsu, Joong Woo and Jeremy is loud, happy and childish in such a way. Why is Jeremy at the bottom? I totally hook up with Lee Hong Gi as he is the same age as me..20 years old and he is so cute. The reason is in that drama, Jeremy did not really show how much he like the heroin, Go Mi Nyu/Go Mi Nam..but when he totally cried on the bus it really break my heart seeing a cheereful guy like him cried over that stupid girl..aaahhh! Fuh2 cool down, if I were Go Mi Nam, I just wanna hug him and told him I will forget the though of wanna be with Tea Kyung. Hehe..just kiddin. JEremy also recover so fast after being rejected by her and act like nothing happen (is his feeling it for real?). He quickly change to his old childish self again after jumping off that bus..huh?

Shin Woo, he is a very gentle guy and in that drama he tottaly falls for Mi Nam from the first time they met, he even notice she was actually a girl after all but he keep it to himself. He do anything to show how much he love her but she tottly ignore him, completely. If only I'm one of the character, I'll slap Mi Nam in the face and told her she was blind! hehe. Anyway Shin Woo is really my type, he is caring and loyal. If I were Mi Nam and hearing what he told me about what he had done to cover me I tottaly ditch out Tea Kyung and follow Shin Woo at the airport (forget waht episode..13 or 14 mybe). I love you, just be patience Shin Woo oppa!

Jeong Woo, the playboy..hmm what can I say. If someone like Yoo-rin can really change him that is unbelievable. I happen to love tennis (but don't know how to play) so seeing him crying in the tennis court really touches my heart...haha. I wonder what is it related to playing tennis???

Nakatsu Shuichi, a popular highschool student who act like a fool. He is such a cutie and cheereful guy. Love his hand sign when he is in a monolog. I wonder how he lost to a quiet guys like Sano, as if Sano is so special. He is so slow in picking up about the heroin being a girl, I wonder if he had know about it earlier would he do something about it?

As for Prince Chang Hwi, he is a man with a strong hold of himself. His focus is only to get back his throne but bump up with Yi Nok. This is the first time I felt this way when I watch his character play in that movie. In ep 17 when he got strike on the chest by a poison arrow I wonder why I got this goosebump feeling, and I felt so strange..ooppss I had fell in love with him..hoho. I watch that scene over and over again including when he is dying because of the poison arrow (even made up a fanfic about that scene) and Yi Nok was comforting him. So Sweet...

And the winner is Prince Yul, a lonely prince who want thing to go his way. The fate just doesn't really stay at his side. First he lose his title as a next-in-line, second the person who supposed to be his wife had to be somebody else wife, third he never get anything until the end of the drama. That is so not unfair, it's like killing the character without even make him act. I'm in love for this drama just because of Prince Yul, I felt that character is just being used up to spice up the unfair.

That's all..I guess. I'm going to cool off myself, hope you all agree with me...please, why don't make that role win sometimes, I would love that. At least make them met with another girl or something. Don't just kick them aside when the couple reach their happy ending..:(

p/s: if you don't agree, leave a comment, sorry if there is any mistake about the detail.

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