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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Trip to Cameron Highland !


Baru balik dari holiday ke Cameron Highland for 3 days and 2 night. It was very cold indeed like going to stay in a four season country exp it is not snowy :)

tapi macam biasa la dah dunia makin panas bila tengah hari rasa panas jugak tak sejuk tapi ok ada perbezaan dari kat bawah tu (kaki gunung).

Hari pertama...

sampai dalam pukul 2.30 tgh hari kitaorang pusing Brincang, tanah rata cari hotel...mmg mahal la bajet dalam Rm 150 je tapi bilik paling murah Rm 2oo. So dpt jugak bilik bajet kat Kavy Hotel sebelah Cafe Strawberry Moment dekat emm mana ek...Brinchang tak salah. Kali ni dah masuk lima kali sampai cameron tapi each time it make the memories clearer...twice I go with the school trip, twice with my family and relatives, and one when I go make some field trip to Pos Broke so make a stop at cameron while I'm in IPGM that happen on the first semester....wait emm that make it the sixth time I reached Cameron...ohoho forget already...:P So than my father (the driver) want to take some rest and I axplore the hotel and take in the beg and load into the medium sized room we rent (just enough for the seven of us). Then at six we went to take a walk at Pasar Malam infront of the balai polis (Asraf house near there). My mom get a hold of my brother and sister kawaiii (cute) dress written Cameron Highland...well they have a collection of those kind of shirt... one from sabah, langkawi, melacca...and much more. The rest of us preffered just strolling around buy some food that we could'nt easily get at our homeland. The fave most was the strawberry smoothie, strawberry chocolate averything about strawberry, crazy, crazy (eyes display strawberry). :P

Hehe I dont know since when it has be my fave....

Second day we spent some time travelling around the market searching for sayur,buah n cactus! Then we visit the garden of strawberry and veggy, lot of wierd one I never saw. Finally my daddy found a homestay in fact a village full of homestar surrounded by a few large strawberry garde around it. A very refreshing sites actually, with village view, fresh air and strawberry..oohhh I miss the temperature there. However if you come to visit it during the school holiday you'll miss the chance to pluck the ripe strawberry, cause all of it are already being pluck or sold (tears) well...I'm one of the victim and I miss the experiance.

Well that it I guess...the next day we rush back home and my mother stop at the veggie market and buy some..umm a lot actually...vegetable. I stroll along with my brother and found a shop that sold various type of cactus. We buy three type of cactus and one shape like love (kawaiii!) and another one shape like a balloon with spike sahape like snow flakes...

We reach home nearly late on the evening...tired but satisfied as my mother fried some of the mushroom with flavoured flour (sedap sangat!). :)

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