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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Running Man & Me


Seriously, thank god this school holiday got extended or else I'll be back in the 'jungle' right now.

Anyway I spent most of my holiday watching back-to-back Running Man episode.

My friend mentioning this variety show years before but I was caught up 1st with WGM. The show is tempting to watch but I was afraid that I might fall in love with it and crave for more. At that time I have limited access to the show weather through online or tv since I'm a student and wi-fi coverage wasn't that great.

Now, I'm working in the 'jungle' as a teacher, teaching the unfortunate but sweet 'orang asli' in rural area of Sarawak. Being away from the nearest town (which takes almost 3 hours travel by river)and family a means of entertainment is a must!

So we got a satellite tv which have a Korean channel and there I accidently watch an episode of Running Man with my senior. We have a good laugh and all of our worries seem disappear that day. As expected, I crave for more. Thankfully, my fellow senior is also a fan of Running Man and have a stock of it episode.

Well  here are some personal best episode:

Ep. 66 The Killer (Joo Sang-Wook 1st appearance)
Ep. 67 Joo Sang Wook highlighted (He's funny with  his laugh)
Ep. 98 The zombie school trip ( their acting is the best)
Ep. 118 Choi Min Soo 3rd appearance give a scare to the RM member (he is really scary alright)
Ep. 122 80's 90's Lagend (The part where Kookie is also the lagend is the best, they dance a lot)
Ep. 140 Yoo-ames Bond is back, this time he's been framed for spreading viruses
Ep. 165 Seaching the Fan Girl (Suk Jin is really funny in here)
Ep. 169 Helmet Race (Joo Sang Wook again!
Ep. 219 Find the Kidnapper (The mystery is quiet good, it made u think) 
Ep. 220 The return of the Queen (Joo Sang Wook again and again, sorry he is just adorable)

 Most of all I love Episode 124.
Guest: Goo Soo and Han Hyo Joo

This episode theme is KING

All RM member and guest had to pick between two dishes and complete a mission before they can eat  it. Each mission will gain them a stroke of Chinese later when completed will become the word KING. Han Hyo Joo is the best female guest so far, I really love how she blend in well with the boys and the boys didn't take easy on her especially Haha who always 'bully' her.

In the final name tag race, Hyo Joo who had been appointed as the QUEEN through vote by the commoner (RM member) eliminating Kwang Soo as the 1st KING appointed Kim Joong Kook as her personal warrior. He vow his life for her and she manage to take down Gary from his help. Later the commoner search for voting slip and vote for Jae Suk as the next KING. Hyo Joo, dethroned and run away from being hunt by the new KING who pray for her name tag. ( I sound like telling you guys a story, hehe).

Jae Suk caught her and although she is no longer QUEEN, she cried for help from her ex-personal warrior. KJK still stand by her side and protect her, buying some time for her to run. She hide and left a massage to KJK (talking to the camera in darkness with sad music as the background).
 She said
"I've made Kimchi, I cut the firewood, I even become KING, I have no regret. My warrior...your kindness I sincerely will never forget it".

Meanwhile, KJK struggle to protect his name tag from being tear off by Jae Suk. "You're really awesome, THANK YOU!" KJK name tag ripped by Jae Suk.
Later Jae Suk manage to caught her again at the same spot where KJK name tag had been ripped she said...
 Finally Jae Suk, tear her name tag...ughh this episode truly, they fight a bloody battle!
The end....uhh not! still the race spoiler duhh.
Ahh..that part sound like it came up from a historical melodrama, I even had a goose bump from that part. Totally love KJK and Hyo Joo here.
Enjoy running not walking, Running Man!
to be continue...

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